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제목 I was on the verge of it.
작성자 관리자 작성일 2023-09-15
 I was on the verge of it.
 →  거의하려고했지.

on the verge of : ~하기 직전에, ~에 직면하여

A: How come you didn’t call me last night? I waited up half the night.
  왜 지난밤에 나한테 전화 안 했어? 늦게 까지 기다렸잖아.

B: Are you serious? I was on the verge of it, but I didn’t want to impose.
  정말? 거의 하려고 했지, 방해하고 싶지 않았거든.

B: Don’t worry about that. I hardly ever sack out before two or three in the morning.
 그런 걱정은 안 해도 돼. 난 새벽 두 세시까지는 안 자는 편이야.

A: Had I known that, I would have rung you up. I won’t forget next time.
  그런 줄 알았으면 전화했을 텐데. 다음엔 꼭 할 께.